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The care my daughter received was wonderful.

 Title: The care my daughter received was wonderful. 
From Name: Marquita W. 
(ex: Cheryl A.)
From Location: Syracuse 
Date: 2011-07-25

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We received this compliment recently through the Your Crouse Story section of our website. We appreciate when our patients, families and visitors take the time to let us know about their experience at Crouse, and each comment is reviewed by our Patient and Guest Relation Director. We do share any message submitted with the staff who may have been mentioned.

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There were two individuals who really showed my family that they cared and would do just about anything to make sure that my daughter was taken care of. Unfortunately, I don't remember their names. My husband was beside himself, and the nurse was able to make him more at ease and assured him that my daughter was in good hands. He periodically stopped by to check on my daughter and husband and even brought my daughter her own box of tissue for her tears! The other individual was from the ENT team...she was an absolute angel...extremely patient, calm and professional at all times. She was really good with my daughter and talked with her to get her comfortable. My daughter at the time was far from being cooperative, but this did not stop her from doing a wonderful job. Once my daughter was calm and when it was time to be stitched up, the young lady talked to her the entire time and answered all the questions she had. I was very thankful to have both of these individuals there…they provided my daughter with such care that I just wanted to say, Thank family appreciated are certainly in the right line of work!


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