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Take Sleep Test


If you’re curious just how rested you really are, or whether you may be at risk for sleep apnea, take one of our quick quizzes.

Epworth Sleep Test

The Epworth Sleep Scale is a common and useful tool to help you identify if you're getting enough sleep. Record how likely you are to doze off in the situations listed below. Use the appropriate number below for each situation and then press “submit” to tally your score.

Sleep Apnea Test

Sleep apnea is a very common and potentially harmful sleep disorder. Learn your risk by completing the questions below. Choose the answer which best responds to your behavior.


The Secret to a Good Night's Sleep

All about sleeping disorders and how to treat them.

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Creating Healthy Sleep

Learn why sleep is so important — and how you can improve yours.

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Meet Harry Britt

Find out why his snoring was no laughing matter.

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Sleep Apnea Epidemic

More and more Americans are being diagnosed with sleep apnea.

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Are You Sick of Being Tired?

Learn how you can be healthier with proper sleep.

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