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Early detection of breast cancer is vital. It's great that you've made the promise to get a mammogram! Just complete the form below to schedule your mammogram. Our Falk Breast Health Center staff will contact you with an appointment. And then... ask all the women in your life to make their promise as well. 

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Three Steps to Breast Health

Crouse Breast Health Nurse Navigator Explains.

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Weekly Women's Health Article

Catch up on the latest news — updated weekly — devoted to topics relating to women's health.

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Breast Cancer Risk Assessment

You owe it to yourself and those you love to learn more about your risks for developing breast cancer.

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Breast Healthcare

A monthly breast self-exam is your first line of defense in detecting breast cancer.

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Get a Mammogram!

Getting regular mammograms is the most important step you can take to protect your breasts.

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Digital Mammography is Here

Crouse Breast Health Center Medical Director Stephen Montgomery, MD, answers questions about digital mammography.

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