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Blood Use in Surgery



At Crouse Hospital we understand the key to a world-class Blood Utilization and Safety Program is the ability to deliver blood products with a patient-safety focus and to effectively identify those patients who must receive blood products and those who can be treated with limited blood products or none at all.

Before Surgery

Goal: Assure your blood is in an optimal state to best tolerate any degree of blood loss.
•    Checking for anemia
•    Giving iron supplements and other medications that will enhance the body's blood reserve before and after your procedure
•    Efficient preoperative lab testing

During Surgery

Goal: Minimize blood loss.
•    Using expert surgical technique and tools
•    Administering medications that will stop or minimize bleeding
•    Utilizing cell salvage equipment which gives patients back their own blood as opposed to receiving blood from a donor

After Surgery and in the Medical Setting

Goal: Minimize or eliminate the need for transfusion of blood products.

•    Assess each individual's healing process before the need for blood arises

•    Monitor blood levels and take other conservative actions to prevent need for blood products