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Student Life


Students at the Pomeroy College of Nursing are a diverse group of individuals that each add to our dynamic and inclusive learning environment. Students are enthusiastic, engaged and determined to become skilled professional nurses. Our students care deeply about our community and take the time to explore and learn to appreciate who they are and what they are capable of accomplishing both inside and outside of the classroom and clinical environment.

The College consistently works to develop institutional policies and create support services that assist students in reaching their educational and professional goals. College staff members are dedicated to a collaborative approach to student life and work together with students to provide appropriate guidance and offer support.

 Student Handbook

The Student Handbook details critical information related to both student and academic-life. Click here to view the student handbook.


Addendum A - Dosage and Calculation Policy

Addendum B - Exam Policy

Addendum C - Standards of Conduct

Addendum D - Classroom Behavior

Addendum E - Transfer Credit


Assistant Dean for Students

The Assistant Dean for Students (ADS) functions as a resource and support contact person for all students. Students are able to make appointments with the ADS to discuss a variety of things both student- and academic-life in nature. The ADS advises the Pomeroy College of Nursing Student Association and works closely with the group to plan and implement various student activities and programs throughout the academic year. The ADS also serves as the primary liaison between students and College administration.