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Special Programs of Study


Pre-planned Extended Program (PEP)

The Pre-planned Extended Program is designed to ease the adjustment into a demanding program. PEP intends to increase the likelihood of success for students who have work or family commitments and for students who are recently out of high school. This is the same as the associate degree program, but is extended over a three-year period. Students who wish to enter the Pre-planned Extended Program must meet all admissions requirements. They are matriculated into the nursing curriculum from the time they accept admissions to the program. They are guaranteed a space in NUR 110 in the second year of the program if all courses are completed with a grade of (C) or above.

RN Transfer Program

Transfer students from other RN programs may apply for advanced placement status, provided that specific requirements are met. RN transfer applications are considered a space-available basis.

Pursuing Nursing Major After Previous Nursing School Enrollment
Only transfer students in good standing and eligible for readmission to the previous program(s) will be permitted to pursue a nursing career at Pomeroy College of Nursing.
• All applicants must be eligible for admission to Pomeroy College of Nursing. A minimum GPA of 2.75 is necessary from the previous nursing program.
• All official academic transcripts must be provided and submitted to Pomeroy College of Nursing prior to the application deadline.
• No grade less than C will transfer to Pomeroy College of Nursing for academic credit.
• Applicant must provide a letter from previous school Dean/Director stating that the student is in good standing and would be eligible for readmission to that program
• Applicants seeking transfer from another nursing program must pass a dosage calculation exam prior to entry.
• Applicants seeking transfer from another nursing program must complete three (3) full semesters of nursing courses at the Pomeroy College of Nursing.


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