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Crouse Hospital Presents “Sports Injury Prevention For The Weekend Warrior” Wednesday, June 18


Do you play sports—but only on Saturday and Sunday? “Weekend warriors” often try cramming a week’s worth of activity into a short two-day span. Although exercise has many important health benefits, some people overdo or don’t properly train or warm up. The result: sports injuries. On Wednesday, June 18, 6:30 to 7:30 p.m., sports injury experts Irving Raphael, MD, and Dan Wnorowski, MD, will discuss how to reduce the risk of sports injuries and how to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle. The seminar—free and open to the public—will be held at the Marley Education Center, 765 Irving Ave. Parking is also free in the Marley and Crouse Hospital garages. To register, call 472-2464.

Irving Raphael, MD, serves as the Head Team Physician of the Syracuse University Athletics. Both Raphael and Wnorowski are board certified orthopedic surgeons and partners in Orthopeadics Associates of CNY.

Most sports injuries, more likely to occur when physical activity is inconsistent or infrequent, can be treated successfully, with a return to normal activity and movement. More importantly, most sports-related injuries can be prevented. Raphael and Wnorowski will talk about how to take proper precautions, including the “three C’s” (clearance, conditioning and cross-training); effectively using joint supplements; and how to avoid common injuries of the knee and shoulder.

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