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New Mom Praises Crouse Staff for Excellent Care


Maternity Monday Feb 24 - newsLast August, Erin Abbott visited Crouse Hospital with minor complications at 15 weeks into her pregnancy. From the front desk to the emergency room, she said she received warm and caring attention as the nurses and doctors made sure she and her baby were safe.

“I have to tell you the staff was incredible,” Erin later wrote on the website via the Your Crouse Story feature. “This was my first time ever in an ER, and it was a positive experience.”

Erin was soon discharged with the reassurance that she and her baby were just fine, only to return to Crouse five months later for a much happier reason: the birth of baby Isabelle! On Jan. 30, Isabelle was delivered via emergency cesarean section and spent her first three days in our Walter R. G. Baker Neonatal Intensive Care Unit due to complications during the pregnancy and delivery.

Six days after Isabelle arrived, Erin took time again to write us, saying that during her time at Crouse, she received care from a dedicated, supportive staff that helped her through the birth of her daughter and kept her well informed and comfortable. “They made a very, very difficult situation into something that could be managed,” Erin wrote. “And I thank each of them with my whole heart.”


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By Breanne Van Nostrand, Communications Intern

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