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Junior Volunteers Put Creative Sides to Work at Crouse Hospital


Jr Vol Art - newsForget sterile white walls and intense fluorescent lights. Instead, imagine a hospital filled with intricate designs and vivid colors.

Thanks to countless Central New York high school students, that vision is becoming a literal reality at Crouse Hospital, including the drawing shown here.

Started in 2005, the art component of the Junior Volunteer program at Crouse aims to enliven the hospital envrionment atmosphere with art featured throughout the hospital. The group began with five students and has grown steadily under the direction of former teacher, Patricia Scott. This summer Pat has mentored 18 junior volunteers, all of whom vary in artistic experience. “Some of the volunteers in the past have gone on to art school, while others have no art experience whatsoever,” she says.

This wide range of skill and experience hasn’t prevented the junior volunteers from creating true masterpieces. In past years, Pat has overseen the painting of a 40-foot mural depicting an Asian lotus tree-filled landscape in the Marley Education Center and the design of intricate ceiling tiles for 6 Memorial. Next summer, to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the College of Nursing, the junior volunteers will begin work on another extensive mural on the 3rd floor of the Marley Education Center.

For Pat and the junior volunteers, the actual creation comes second to the valuable lessons the program teaches volunteers and the impact it has on patients and employees alike.

Ranging from work ethic, teamwork and friendship, the program instills, as Pat puts it, “a learning experience for students to work in a cooperative way.”

The gratification the volunteers feel is only enhanced by the knowledge that their work will help bring comfort to patients. Sara Firnstein, a junior at PV Moore High School in Central Square, says she is glad that the work of her fellow volunteers has been able to make people feel more comfortable and at home in the hospital setting.

Volunteer Amelia Genecco, a junior at Christian Brothers Academy interested in studying oncology, has found the art experience to be highly rewarding. Pat recognizes this, saying "the program lets the junior volunteers know, especially if they're going into the medical field, that art is a release and can have a therapeutic impact on patients.” 

2013 Crouse Junior Volunteers
Thank you to all of our 2013 Junior Volunteers, listed below by student name, school and grade.  We've appreciated having you with us and hope your experiences at Crouse were rewarding.

Samantha Abbott - Manlius Pebble Hill 11
Connor Agnew - Christian Brothers Academy 11
Madeline Alfieris - Jamesville Dewitt 11
Chatrapee Artsomboon - Christian Brothers Academy 9
Adhana Asfaw - Manlius Pebble Hill 11
Ethan Bailey - Living Word Academy 11
Zoe Bailey - GU Living Word Academy 11
Eric Baker - Fayetteville Manlius 11
Wahhaj Beg - Manlius Pebble Hill 11
Miranda Berkebile - Baker 10
Brianna Blasi - Baker 11
Laura Bratt - PV Moore 10
Alexis Brown - Christian Brothers Academy 10
Marissa Burden - West Genesee 11
Annamarie Cafarelli - Baker 11
Serena Capsello - Baker 10
Brennan Carman - Christian Brothers Academy 9
Brooke Chausse - Cicero North Syracuse 10
Sarunporn Cheerasiri - Bishop Ludden 11
Celine Chen - Fayetteville Manlius 10
Lindsey Cifra - Fayetteville Manlius 11
Carolina Colon - Fayetteville Manlius 11
Taylor Cook - Jamesville Dewitt 11
Virginia Cooney - PV Moore 10
Matthew Curran - Christian Brothers Academy 11
Adam DaPrano - Baker 10
Holly Deng - Jamesville Dewitt 12
Kaleigh DiFlorio - Baker 11
Allison Eipp - OCS 11
Katherine Ennis - Baker 10
Katherine Fenocci - Fayetteville Manlius 10
Megan Ferris - Fayetteville Manlius 11
Sara Firnstein - PV Moore 10
Rachel Fisher  - PV Moore 11
Olivia Ganley - Tully 10
Erin Gantley - Onondaga Central School 10
Mary Gatenby - Fayetteville Manlius 10
Amelia Genecco - Christian Brothers Academy 10
Emma Geyer - Liverpool 11
Emily Giamartino - PV Moore 11
Marina Grabda - Westhill 11
Alicia Gregus - OCS 11
Jack Gugel - Jordan Elbridgee 11
Andriana Guzelak - PV Moore 11
Jesenia Haynes - Jamesville Dewitt 11
Tatiayana Higdon - North Syracuse Junior High 9
Brittany Husted - Baker 10
Alison Jarvi - Fayetteville Manlius 11
Nicole Jarvi - Fayetteville Manlius 11
Carson Judkins - Baker 12
Amanda Kaley - Bishop Ludden 12
Jerry Kappil - Cicero North Syracuse 10
Julie Kappil - Cicero North Syracuse 12
Mays Kiernan - Cazenovia 11
Ayana Kilpatrick - Jamesville Dewitt 11
Andrew Koch - Onondaga Central School 10
Julia Kronenberg - Jamesville Dewitt 9
Asha Kurian - Faith Heritage 12
Brianna LaBrake - Cicero North Syracuse 10
Jesse LaDuc - PV Moore 10
DanaRenee Langevin - West Genesee 11
Micah Lee - Jamesville Dewitt 10
Jiahui Liao - Fayetteville Manlius 10
Jackulyn Liberty - West Genesee 10
Sydney Anne Lim - Christian Brothers Academy 10
Annie Loh - Fayetteville Manlius 11
Dean Marchildon - Cicero North Syracuse 10
Kayla McAndrews - Cicero North Syracuse 11
Summer McMichael - Fabius Pompey 11
Daniel Mead - Living Word Academy 11
Meghan Metcalf - Baker 10
Sean Meyer - Living Word Academy 11
Leah Miller - Manlius Pebble Hill 11
Mike Mintskovsky - Fayetteville Manlius 11
Albanie Mitchell - Jamesville Dewitt 11
Eba Mohamed - PV Moore 10
Alex Moore - Liverpool 10
Chance Morrow - PV Moore 11
Caitlin Noonan - Tully 12
Julia Norton - Jamesville Dewitt 11
Jayesh Patil - Liverpool 10
Matthew Payne - Skaneateles 11
Japera Perry - Westhill 10
Lee Ann Phelps - Cicero North Syracuse 10
Jessica Place - Baker 10
Cassie Pruitt  - Manlius Pebble Hill 11
Jody Pulimoottil - Liverpool 11
Lauren Ralbovsky - Tully 12
Gina Ranalli - West Genesee 10
Paige Recore - Birdlebaugh 11
Abbie Reed - Tully 12
Sarah Roberts - Christian Brothers Academy 10
Alexander Rodriguez - Jamesville Dewitt 10
Samantha Rutherford - Chittenango 11
John Sagor - Chittenango 12
Robert Salanger - PV Moore 10
Hanna Santanam - Fayetteville Manlius 10
Katie Schumacher - Baker 11
Alyssa Serafino - Marcellus 11
Deja Shepherd - Henniger 12
Sara Shurtliff - PV Moore 10
Laura Szkolnik - Liverpool 12
Meghan Vallee - West Genesee 10
Timothy Vallee - West Genesee 10
Barnes Werner - Christian Brothers Academy 11
Mariana Zallo - BVM 12
Lucy Zwigard - Manlius Pebble Hill 11

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