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Crouse Hospital Volunteer Scott Wing Pushes Past Disability to Volunteer


Volunteer - Scott - newsWheelchairs and volunteers are common sights in a hospital. But, a volunteer who uses a wheelchair? Meet Scott Wing!

The fifty-year-old was born with cerebral palsy, a chronic disorder that impairs the nervous system and movement. Yet he doesn’t let his condition get in the way of his spirit of voluntarism. Each Friday, he wheels into Crouse Hospital, ready to work alongside fellow volunteer, Erica.

On the recommendation of a current employee, Scott joined our volunteer team nearly a year ago. In spite of his disability, he does everything his fellow volunteers do. From grabbing lab results, charts or making his weekly trek to PromptCare with magazines, he does this self-described “fast-paced” job with a grin and grace. As he says, “I do anything they have for me to do,” adding, “I think Crouse realizes I’m an asset to their organization.”

And do we ever. Although “every experience at Crouse sticks out” to Scott, he wistfully recounts the story of a new mother to whom he delivered an E-Greeting Card after the birth of her son. The normally matter-of-fact Scott chokes up a bit as he recalls her saying, “Thank you for what you do.”

Between the ‘good mornings’ from doctors, nurses and staff, and the simple ‘thank you’ from patients, Scott goes home “feeling that I really helped somebody.”

Life with cerebral palsy does not limit the dedicated volunteer. As he puts it, “People who don’t have a disability say to me ‘oh, poor you, poor you because you’re in a wheelchair’, to which he responds, “But this is the only thing I know.”

Scott hopes other disabled individuals will join Crouse’s volunteer program. As he so accurately states, “Living with a disability is hard, but you can’t let the disability get to you…if you do, it will defeat you.”


Scott Wing is clearly not defeated. And he, like each of our volunteers who find pleasure and purpose in their work at Crouse, is a highly valued member of our teal team.

Volunteering at Crouse

Do you have a special skill or interest? Do you enjoy helping others? Then we invite you to discover the benefits and fulfillment that volunteering at Crouse Hospital can bring. Simply contact Volunteer Services at 315/470-7571 for more information.


Crouse Hospital Volunteer Services

Cheryl Abrams
Crouse Hospital
Communications Department
Phone: 315/470-7123
Fax: 315/470-7232

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