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Bob Cianflone: Thank You for Your Loving Momma Care


Cianfrone - newsbioIt’s difficult enough to visit a loved one who’s sick in the hospital. But it’s even harder to be a son or daughter from out of town spending what you know will be your last days and hours with your parent. Such was the case this past week for Bob Cianflone. Last Saturday when he learned his mother, Gisella Cianflone, had been admitted to Crouse, he immediately drove to Syracuse from Brunswick, Maryland, a suburb of Washington, DC, to be with her. Just eight hours after Mrs. Cianflone passed away, Bob sent an email of thanks to Tobie Kenyon, RN, nurse manager of 6 South Irving. With his permission, we share Bob’s email here:

“Greetings. As you know, my mother Gisella Cianflone, who is aged 93, passed away today in her sleep at 12:30 p.m. in your hospital on 6 South Irving. As soon as I heard she was admitted on Saturday, I drove up from Washington, D.C. and I stayed there with my mother for four days.

The amazing compassion and support and knowledge that the staff there exhibited goes beyond anything I could have asked for.

I want to give thanks to Dr. Santhi Yalamanchili; nurse Sarah Adams; nurse Shauntay Rivers; and nurse Jeanene Summerson, as they were always there and provided my mother (and me) all the comfort imaginable. Yes, there were others on the team who were great, and helped me immensely, but whom I cannot remember as I have been awake for a number of days now, so I do apologize if I leave their names out...But all worked as a team, and that was great.

My mother passed away with me there and she was comfortable and pain-free until the very end, and, while my heart is broken that she left this earth, I am overjoyed by the way she departed, and it was all due to the staff who allowed me to be at her side and provided me with all the necessities to allow me to concentrate on my mother. Sarah even found a priest, Father Innocent, who gave my mother Last Rites while still alive. Indeed, I was so impressed that I am going to use the same priest at my mother's service, as he was such a spiritual man.

All that you did for the last few days of my mother's life was priceless. She was comfortable and pain-free and I could hold her hand while she slowly departed. May God bless all of you.”

In a follow up email, Bob explained further why this amazing care was so important and touching to him: “I lost my father when I was 13, and I am an only child, so I was very close to my mother,” adding, “the service that Father Innocent did was first-rate, as it was both emotional and passionate.”

Thank you, Bob, for allowing us to share your story about your mother's last days here at. Please accept our heartfelt sympathies on your loss.


Gisella (Roth) Cianflone

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