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NICU Nurses Say Go SU !


While 30,000+ are tucked inside the Dome (peeking through just to the right of the 'S" in the photo below) this evening cheering on the Syracuse Orangemen, and thousands more are glued to TVs all across Central New York and beyond, the dedicated evening shift at Crouse Hospital will do what they do every evening: provide the best in patient care.


For those working in the hospital's Baker Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, that means concentrating on the area's tiniest, most fragile patients.


So to show their spirit, two of the unit's nurses came up with the idea of decorating one of the expansive windows facing the Dome. "We just wanted to get in on the Orange frenzy," said Dee Pease and Melissa Kasper. They, along with colleague Karla Piazza, made a "Go SU" sign and hung teeny-tiny baby clothes in orange, of course, on either side of it.


Unfortunately the NICU team can't watch or listen to the SU vs. Georgetown Hoyas match-up, but once in a while, says Dee, "someone will get on the computer and update everyone on the score."


Go, SU!  And go Team Crouse, for being "simply the best" no matter what the game's outcome!


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