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Moving Up Ceremony Jan. 18 at the Crouse Hospital College of Nursing


CON Student Badge - newsFifty-six nursing students of the Crouse Hospital College of Nursing were honored by faculty and staff in a Moving-Up Ceremony on Jan. 18 to mark their successful progression from their first year at the college to their second year of studies.


College Director Ann Sedore delivered an inspirational talk encouraging students to strive to be the best, take pride in accomplishments and never stop learning. Students were presented a flower and new identification badges indicating their standing as second year students. Crouse Hospital Chief Nursing Officer Mary Agnew also attended and extended hearty congratulations to the students.


Lauri Grobsmith, selected as student speaker, addressed the class, reminiscing about their shared experiences and encouraging all to look to the future. Also in attendance was Julie Johnson, a Crouse graduate, member of the Board of Directors of the Alumni Association and a strong supporters of the students at the college.


To close the proceedings, faculty member Susan Dietz led the students, fellow faculty and nursing guests in reciting the Florence Nightingale pledge, affirming their responsibilities as nurses and dedicating themselves to the profession.

Students honored were: Kathryn Balloni, Sarah Brandt, Erica Braudrick, James Brody, Todd Bryant, Anders Butler, Caitlin Carter, Janine Chack, Kayla Cordaro, Courtney Dare, Chelsey Dean, John Dillon, Stacey Elderbroom, Cindy Eriavez, Allison Eriksen, Rachel Estep, Sarah Farrell, Scott Fiore, Kristen Foley-Curtis, Lauren Giordano, Sasha Grant, Lauri Grobsmith, Laura Haven, Danielle Hemphill, Tiffany Howland, Theresa Jacobs, Jill Kasten, Jaclyn Kerling, Robyn Launt, Lauren Lok, Jennifer Lott, Kim Lung, Jessica McAuliffe, Jourdan Meyers, Brad Miller, Kelsey Miller, Lisa Morris, Nance Nunez, Jennifer Pare, Elizabeth Quinn, Monica Rae, Jessica Raison, Tricia Rodgers, Lindsey Schmidt, Deanna Shon, Kevin Shon, Janay Smalls, Conny Smith, Sara Teeter, Melissa Vadala, Karen Vanslyke Beickert, Ashley Vega, Natalie Weldin, Jennifer Wells, Kristan Wild, and Benjamin Yager.


CON Moving Up Jan 2012


Congratulations to those students who "moved up" to a new level of learning!



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