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June 21: New Approaches to Women's Health


Women's Health Seminar - Jun 11 - NewsSizeWomen go through many normal body changes during their lifespan that often include major or life-altering issues. Crouse Hospital is offering a free seminar about some of the new advances in women’s health Tuesday, June 21, from 6:30 to 8 p.m. in the Marley Education Center at 765 Irving Ave. parking is available in the Marley Education Center and Crouse Hospital parking garages, and light refreshments will be served. For more information, or for required pre-registering, call 315/472-2464.

Topics will include how to live a healthy lifestyle, have a healthy pregnancy and new technologies that are changing women’s healthcare in an important way. The panelists are four Crouse Hospital physicians: Mary Ciciarelli, MD, from CNY Women’s Healthcare, and Kris Kratzert, MD; Melissa Weinstein, DO; and Mary Lou D’Amico, MD, all from Women’s Wellness Place.


They will discuss the latest treatments for excessive menstrual bleeding; alternatives to traditional hormone replacement therapy; and minimally invasive surgery for tubal ligation. The panel will also address how to have a healthy pregnancy from preconception to delivery. Women must take their individual needs seriously to live the healthiest life possible. During this seminar, our panel of Crouse women's health experts will provide information about groundbreaking tools that will help them do so.

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