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Ina Schleicher

Crouse Patient Story 2"Go to Crouse — you, too, may be again able to do the things you love."

Name: Ina Schleicher, Boonville, NY
Surgical Procedure: Anterior cervical discectomy
Date of Procedure: Nov. 29, 2010





Crouse Stories - Ina SIf you think of driving your car, holding a baby or any of the many other tasks we do daily, you can imagine how terrifying and dangerous it would be to suddenly, without warning, lose the ability to use your arms. Out of nowhere, my arms and shoulders would become completely paralyzed. During the random times this happened, I could not move. It was scary, and I had all I could do to breathe through it.

On November 29, 2010, I was introduced to people who would impact my life in a positive way forever, including Raman Dhawan, MD, my orthopedic surgeon. That was the day I had an anterior cervical discectomy and fusion at Crouse. Everyone we encountered, from reception to the OR and beyond, were wonderful. What was impressed upon me and my family in that short time was courtesy, professionalism, quality standards and competency by a well-rounded staff that works as a team to ensure a positive outcome — not just for the patient but for their family as well.

My advice: If you’re having any kind of neck or spine problem, don’t delay treatment. Go to Crouse — you, too, may be again able to do the things in life you love.


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