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Quality Measures


For more than 120 years, Crouse Hospital has been providing Central New York families with high-quality, patient-focused medical care. We work tirelessly to continually improve upon the care and service we provide.

The information in this section outlines how Crouse Hospital compares with other hospitals in New York State and the nation in a number of important clinical areas: heart attack, heart failure, pneumonia, surgical procedures and readmission rates.

These quality care measures are from Hospital Compare, a national web site created through the efforts of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), the Department of Health and Human Services and other members of the Hospital Quality Alliance: Improving Care Through Information (HQA).

How to Use Quality Measures

Crouse Hospital provides data to state and national agencies so they can report on our quality. These "quality indicators" have been chosen by federal and state agencies and other healthcare experts as measurements of high-quality medical care for certain conditions representing some of the most common and costly conditions that hospitals treat. They measure whether important, recommended medical treatments are given to achieve the best results for patients.

By analyzing and reporting on a common set of measures, doctors and their patients can compare information easier and make informed decisions from reliable sources.

The goal of quality transparency is not only to help healthcare organizations like Crouse focus on improvement efforts, but also to empower and educate consumers.

Quality measures are intended to help you see and compare the performance of various healthcare institutions. This information can be used in evaluating and choosing the best healthcare option for you and your family.

Quality Measures Can Help You Determine

  • If hospitals/providers are providing care in a timely manner
  • If the care provided is safe and effective
  • If healthcare delivery is patient centered
  • The experience, knowledge and success rate of treating particular diseases/ conditions

Data and Information on Crouse Hospital’s Web Site Regarding our Quality and Performance Outcomes

  • Is not provided as a means of treatment and/or medical advice
  • Does not establish a doctor-patient or other relationship
  • Is not intended nor should be assumed to guarantee a specific result

Our goal is to provide our patients and families with meaningful information to make informed decisions about their healthcare and to make data available on the quality of the services we provide.


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