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Healing Environment


Today, many healthcare providers are seeing the benefits of a more holistic approach to caring for patients. And they are also becoming aware of the growing body of research that demonstrates a profound connection between the arts and the healing process. Throughout history, pictures, stories, dances, music and drama have been central to healing rituals. Many hospitals across the nation — including Crouse — are using various art forms to create an environment that promotes the healing process for patients, welcomes visitors and enhances the workplace for staff.


At Crouse, providing the best in patient care means outstanding medical treatment and compassionate concern for the whole person. Our Healing Environment Committee — comprised of clinical and non-clinical staff and community volunteers — has established a number of initiatives to transform Crouse into a warmer, more inviting hospital.

Quiet Initiative : S-h-h-h!

Quiet Initiative - Shhh - Feb 2011


A hospital can seem busy, noisy and very clinical. Yet studies show that reduced noise levels help patients heal and recover more quickly. A calm, quiet environment allows patients to relax and get the rest they need, while also helping visitors and staff to experience less stress. Crouse Hospital has taken steps to create a quieter environment to benefit patients, visitors and staff.


Anyone can help maintain a quiet environment at Crouse:

  • Set volume on cell phones and pagers to lowest ring or to vibrate.
  • Be conscious of how your voice carries and at what level you speak. Even your ‘normal voice’ may need to be adjusted.
  • Walk to the person you wish to speak to rather than calling down the hallway.
  • Decrease volume on TV; use handsets and personal amplifiers when appropriate.
  • Turn down ringers on patient phones to a level that they can still hear.
  • Close patient doors (when safe and able).
  • Wear soft-soled shoes.
  • When in a patient care area, practice quiet initiatives to the best of your ability!

(By the way, 'Shhh' stands for Silent Hospitals Help Healing.)

Visual Art


Hospitals have a reputation for being white, cold and sterile. Yet arts in healthcare research shows that color can have a profound effect on mood and emotions, as can soothing visual images. Our Healing Environment Committee has made great strides in bringing appropriate visual art into many of Crouse Hospital’s public and patient care areas using the talents of professional artists, Junior Volunteers and college students. As part of our partnership with the Syracuse City School District, student artwork is displayed in various parts of the hospital all year long. 

Crouse Serenades


Music has the power to heal. And nowhere is that more evident than watching the reactions of patients who are listening to live music from their hospital bed. Crouse Serenades is a program that brings local musicians into the hospital to perform for or sing to patients. A simple melody can soothe the soul and lift the spirit as they deal with a surgery or illness. In this photo, students from the the Cicero-North-Syracuse Jazz Elites perform for one of our patients.


If you're interested in volunteering your time and musical talents to benefit our patients, please contact Volunteer Services.

Pet Therapy


The unconditional love between people and pets is one of the best medicines a hospital can provide. Crouse Hospital and Sunshine Friends, Inc., work together to bring specially trained dogs into the hospital to visit patients. The canines are so special they even have their own Crouse I.D. and vest. To learn more about the program, contact Volunteer Services.



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