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Enrollment and Registration



Enrollment status in the Pomeroy College of Nursing is defined as follows:



Matriculation is a student status indicating that all admission requirements have been met and the student has accepted an offer of admission to the program.



Non-matriculated students are not enrolled in the nursing program but are allowed to take courses at the Pomeroy College of Nursing on a space-available basis.


Full-time (FT)

Full-time is defined in both federal regulations and in New York State education law as being enrolled in a full-time academic workload that equals or exceeds 12 credit hours per semester.

Important Note About Full-time Study
Students who have transferred liberal arts courses or take them during summer sessions and students in an extended program may have difficulty maintaining full-time status in the nursing program.

Academic support courses are non-credit bearing and so do not count toward full-time status. The school offers a series of courses to provide academic support and encourage success in the intensive and highly compressed nursing curriculum. In the course descriptions for each of these non-credit courses, the requirements and time commitments have been equated to credit hours for the purpose of determining the total academic load for individual students. Students enrolled in these courses may have an academic load that is equivalent to full-time. Financial aid opportunities may be limited; consult the Financial Affairs Officer for more information.


Students should be prepared for a Monday through Friday lecture, lab and clinical schedule. Some nursing courses include Saturday and/or evening clinical hours. Course schedules change as the student progresses in the program each semester. Due to varied clinical scheduling, the Nursing Program is unable to provide specific nursing course schedule information to students prior to enrollment in the Program.


Part-time (PT)

Part-time is defined as being enrolled in less than 12 credit hours per semester. Students may elect to complete the program at a slower pace than the two-year curriculum plan by taking only liberal arts courses during one or more semesters.

Audit (AU)

Students may register to attend a course, on a space-available basis, without being graded. The tuition cost is the same as taking the course for credit. Students who audit only one component of a course may pay an equivalent, pro-rated tuition fee. Students who complete an entire course will have the AU assigned for the course. Audited classes are not calculated into the Grade Point Average (GPA) and CGPA.


The advisor assists in course selection through online consultation. Advisors are required to approve or disapprove registration petitions during the registration period. Although advisors are available to help students schedule the appropriate coursework, ultimately, it is the student’s responsibility to pursue courses that fulfill graduation requirements.


Registration is the process of enrolling in specific courses in the Crouse Hospital College of Nursing. Students will be sent registration information to the e-mail address we have on file. With this e-mail the student will be given their user name and password. It is the responsibility of students to check their college email on a daily basis. They will also be given the courses they should be registering for, directions on registering for their courses and the dates of registration, which will be based on their level in the program.

Registration is the process of enrolling in specific courses and is scheduled for specific dates with firm deadlines. Registration cannot occur without the assigned advisor approval. Students requiring help with online registration should seek the assistance of the Registrar.

Students who are unsuccessful in the current level of coursework are pulled from the next level of courses and any rescheduling occurs after a progression review meeting takes place.

Late Registration

Registration occurring beyond the designated time period requires permission of school administration, whereupon a late fee will be charged.

Course Adjustment Days
Students requiring schedule changes or adding/dropping courses may do so during the first two days of each semester.