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Billing and Records


About Your Hospital Bill

Healthcare billing can be a confusing process for patients and family members. At Crouse Hospital, we’re committed to providing our patients with accurate, patient-friendly billing statements, quality customer service and financial assistance when needed.

Documents to Bring to the Hospital

  • All current insurance cards
  • Proof of identification and address (driver’s license/photo ID)
  • Social security number, including your children’s social security numbers for their visit
  • Referrals and authorizations for scheduled services, if required
  • Co-payments and deductibles will be collected at registration

Insurance/Bill Payment
All patients who have health insurance, whether treated as an inpatient or an outpatient, must provide proof of insurance coverage for each hospital visit. As a patient, it is your responsibility to provide the hospital with your insurance card and photo ID at the time of your initial visit. Patients whose insurance cannot be verified will be asked to make payment in full or arrange for an acceptable payment plan at the time of service or discharge. On occasion, we may ask if there have been any changes or updates to your insurance coverage just so that our records are current.

Patients who have health insurance are requested to assign benefits to the hospital. If benefits are not assigned to the hospital, the patient will be asked to make payment arrangements at the time of discharge.

Patients covered by Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance policies will be asked for their insurance card. Any deductibles, co-insurance or spend-downs not covered by other insurance are due and payable when services are rendered. Patients requesting admission for inpatient care, whose physician has determined do not meet the criteria for inpatient care, will be required to sign a waiver accepting financial responsibility.

Your Hospital Billing Statement
You will receive a bill for services soon after your discharge. Your hospital bill includes charges for services provided by Crouse Hospital. If you have questions regarding your hospital bill, please contact our Patient Financial Services Department by calling 315/470-7331. Our staff will be happy to assist you. Or you may choose to pay your hospital bill online 24/7 by clicking here to access our our convenient online pay bill system.

Each visit to the hospital is billed individually, and you will receive an itemized statement notifying you that your insurance has been billed.

Our customer service representatives are committed to assisting you in resolving any billing questions you may have. Again, if you have any questions, please call 315/470-7331.


If your care requires anesthesia, radiology, pathology or other physician services, you'll be billed separately for these services (the bill will be from the specific service area, not from the hospital).

Frequently Asked Billing and Insurance Questions

Q:  Is the service covered under my health insurance plan and under what conditions is it not covered?
A:  You are responsible to know the services your health insurance plan covers and what the applicable co-pays and deductible amounts will be. Payment of co-pays and deductibles are expected at time of service. You will also be responsible for any services provided that are not covered by your insurance plan.
Q:  Is a referral required for this service?
A:  If yes, your physician is responsible for providing that referral to you. Please bring a copy of the referral to your appointment.
Q:  Does this service require prior authorization to be covered?
A:  You are responsible to know the terms of your health insurance plan. If prior approval is required, please make sure that your physician has done so.
Q:  Do these services need to be performed by a particular provider of services?
A:  Again, you are responsible to know the terms of your health insurance plan. You may be responsible for services that are out of network or you may incur a higher co-payment, deductible or penalty. Balances remaining for services provided outside your insurance company’s network of providers will be your responsibility.
Q:  What is my deductible or co-payment amount for this service?
A:  You are responsible to know what your co-pay and deductable amounts are for services rendered. Typically, this information is printed on the front of your insurance card. If you are uncertain, call your provider's customer service department for assistance. Patient payments are expected to be made at the time of service unless other arrangements have been made.

Medical Records Request

If you wish to obtain a copy of your hospital medical record, please either fill out a request form or simply, on a sheet of paper, state your name, date of birth, what you would like to have copied and the address where the copies should be mailed. Please be sure this request is signed and dated by you. This is called patient access, takes 10 business days, and there is a charge of $.75 cents for each page copied.

To obtain copies of your medical records from Crouse Hospital, you must complete a signed authorization form.

You may complete the authorization form by: To submit the completed form:
  • mail to Crouse Hospital, 736 Irving Ave., Syracuse, NY 13210, Attention: Health Information Management or
  • fax to 315/470-5609

Birth Certificates
Crouse Hospital does not provide copies of birth certificates. Copies can only be issued by the Onondaga County Bureau of Vital Statistics. The phone number is 315/435-3241.


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