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Slim Down Derby(2)



What is the Slim Down Derby?
It’s a fun, team-based six-month challenge (Aug. 2 to Jan. 17) to help you shed pounds and earn big bucks! The Slim Down Derby is a friendly competition to see who can lose the most weight (calculated by total percentage of weight loss). Not only will teams compete against each other… all teams will also compete against a Senior Leadership team!

What’s the payout?
Besides reducing your risk of heart disease, cancer and diabetes, and looking and feeling better when you cross the finish line, your team can also realize a financial payout! Cash prizes will be awarded to:
1st Place: $2,000 per team
2nd Place: $1,000 per team
3rd Place: $500 per team
Money won will be split equally among each team member. All teams will also compete against a Senior Leadership team. If the Senior Leadership team does not place (does not come in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd), they have agreed to donate money to the Crouse Health Foundation!

Who are the contenders?
This challenge is for Crouse employees* who would like to lose weight in a fun and competitive way. Those employees who have had bariatric weight-loss surgery may participate as additional team members (#’s 5 or 6), but their weight loss will not count toward the team’s percentage of weight loss totals. We encourage all employees who are participating in the Derby (and those who are not) to take part in the fall 2013 Simple Steps to Wellness Challenge.

How do I enter the race?
Form or join a team of four to six participants. Each team needs a leader (the jockey) and a team name (you team's horse's name). Each participant needs to enroll in the Derby by contacting Sara Kohlbrenner, RN, Wellness & Population Health Management Coordinator. Each team member will also be required to weigh in each month of the Derby in order to qualify for cash prizes.

To enroll:

- Download and complete the Derby Enrollment Form here and send it via interoffice mail to
  Sara Kohlbrenner, EHO, 8 Memorial, or by confidential fax to 470-1329.
- Email
- Call Sara at 470-8034. 

When do I weigh in?

Weigh In

Theme Dates
Initial Weigh In Step Up to the Post July 29 - Aug. 2
Month 1 And They're Off!  Aug. 26 - 30
Month 2 On the Inside Rail Sept. 23 - 27
Month 3 Make the Turn Oct. 21 - 25
Month 4  Down the Homestretch Nov. 18 - 22
Month 5 Photo Finish Dec. 16 - 20
Month 6 Garland of Roses Walk
to the Winner's Circle
Jan . 13 - 17
Maintenance Poised for the Preakness January - July 2013
(exact dates TBD)

What if I miss a weigh in?
Each participant in the Slim Down Derby must weigh in each month with Sara Kohlbrenner, RN, or Heather Neely, RD, during the assigned weigh in dates. Call Sara Kohlbrenner at 315/470-8034 to make your appointment. Failure to weigh in will result in that team member being disqualified. If the team drops to fewer than four members at any given time, the entire team will also be disqualified, which will prevent the team from being able to share in any prize winnings! Note to night shift employees: Early morning slots have been set aside for night shift staff to weigh in during each week's weigh-in times. Call early to set up a time to fit your schedule. 

What if one of my teammates drops out of the challenge?
Your team will be disqualified if you do not have at least four people on the team at any given time. If a teammate drops out of the challenge and you have fewer than four members, the entire team will be disqualified and not in the running for the final cash payout.

What if I'm on vacation the week of the weigh ins?
You may weigh in after your return (exceptions only - not the rule). Please call Sara Kohlbrenner at 315/470-8034 to arrange an appointment.

How do I get nutritional counseling?
Heather Neely, RD, CDN, will be available to each participant for six FREE one-on-one (or team) nutritional counseling sessions throughout the Derby. Call 315/470-5787 to make an appointment.

Do I have to have blood work done? 
Blood work is optional, but highly encouraged. It's important to know your numbers so if preventive care is needed, you are aware and can consult your doctor.

What if I don't have a primary care physician?
Crouse Hospital's practice, Internists Associates of Central New York, is accepting new patients. Call 315/479-5070 to schedule an appointment and be sure to let them know you work at Crouse. Other primary care and specialty practices may be accepting new patients as well; click here to search for those providers affiliated with Crouse.

Where is my information going? 
All personal information (monthly goal, weight, etc.) submitted by employees participating in the Slim Down Derby is strictly confidential and will not be disclosed to anyone for any reason. HIPAA compliance will strictly apply.

What if I reach my goal weight before the Derby is over?
Reaching your goal weight is a great accomplishment. You will still need to weigh in each month to complete the Derby and we will support you in maintaining your loss.

Is it okay to gain weight? 
There is no penalty if you happen to gain weight during the Derby; however, it will affect your team's percentage of weight loss and we will help you get back on track.

How do we know who's winning?
Check out the leader board right here at to track your competition's weight loss journey. There will be a graphic showing each team's total percentage of weight loss every month after weigh in.


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