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Instructions for managing the E-Card feature.

Using Ektron you can control the two intro paragraphs on the E-Card page as well as manage all images. The two content items are located in the E-Connect folder (E-Card Intro, Select a Card). To manage the images:

  1. Each image must have a related card it will be imprinted on. Before working in Ektron, make sure you have both the image and PDF. They must be given the same filenames (i.e. GetWell.jpg and GetWell.pdf). Images are either 100px wide for vertical layouts or 150px wide for horizontal layouts.
  2. Once you have an image and PDF of the same name you may begin uploading the image. Navigate to the E-Card folder, click the Add Assets button (), and then drag your images(s) onto it. This works best using Internet Explorer as a browser.
  3. Once uploaded, go back and edit that image. Switch to the Summary tab and give it a preview phrase (ex: Sending you best wishes). Switch to the Metadata tab and set the orientation. Save your work.
  4. Now you need to upload your PDF. Click the Library tab at the bottom left and navigate to the E-card folder. PDF's are uploaded one-at-a-time. Click the Add button (), choose your file, and give it a descriptive name. Remember, the PDF must be named exactly the same as its related image.
  5. Once your image(s) and PDF(s) are uploaded, swith to the Modules tab at the bottom left, open Collections and choose E-card. From here you add any images you wish to make available on the page. You can control the order too.

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