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Health News for 03/07/13

March 07, 2013

Health Tip: Invest in Protective Eyewear for Sports

Wearing protective eye gear when playing sports can help prevent serious eye injuries.
Health Tip: Get Ready for Weather-Related Emergencies

When winter weather strikes, your home may lose power due to the effects of snow, wind or ice.
Secondhand Smoke Linked to Early Heart Disease, Study Finds

The more you're exposed to secondhand tobacco smoke, the more likely you are to develop early signs of heart disease, a new study indicates.
Black Breast Cancer Survivors Face Higher Heart Failure Risk: Study

Black breast cancer survivors seem more likely to develop heart failure than other women, a new study says.
Internet Search History May Reveal Unknown Drug Side Effects

Analyzing the search history of Internet users can turn up unreported side effects of drugs or drug combinations, according to a new study.
Brain 'Pacemaker' May Help Ease Tough-to-Treat Anorexia

For people suffering from severe, tough-to-treat anorexia, having a biological "pacemaker" implanted in their brain may help ease the disorder, a small new study suggests.
Human Brain Cells Used to Make Mice Smarter

Implanting a type of human brain cell into newborn mice makes them "smarter" as adults, scientists have found -- an achievement experts say could aid in understanding and treating human brain diseases.
Tooth Loss Associated With Higher Risk for Heart Disease

For adults, losing teeth is bad enough, but tooth loss is also associated with several risk factors for heart disease, a large international study suggests.
Skipping Aspirin Before Artery Procedure May Boost Death Rates

Patients who do not receive aspirin before they undergo coronary angioplasty have a higher risk of death, a new study reports.
Processed Meat May Play a Part in Early Death: Study

Grilled hot dogs and sausages may be tasty treats at ball games and picnics, but a new study of nearly 450,000 people finds that eating too much processed meat might shave years off your life.
Short-Term Exercise Might Boost Young People's Self-Control

Short bouts of moderately intense exercise appear to improve the self-control of youngsters and young adults, a broad review of existing research suggests.
Cholesterol Levels May Vary By Season

Cholesterol levels increase with winter's arrival and drop again as warmer weather returns, a new study by Brazilian researchers suggests.
Steroid Shots Disappoint in Back Pain Study

Older adults who get steroid injections for degeneration in their lower spine may fare worse than people who skip the treatment, a small study suggests.
Cash Incentives, Penalties May Spur People to Shed More Pounds

Money talks when it comes to motivating people to lose weight, a new study shows.
Katrina, Other Crises Boost Heart Attacks: Studies

New studies suggest that severe stress caused by the devastation of Hurricane Katrina and fallout from the Greek financial crisis boosted the risk of heart attack for people living through those crises.
Health Highlights: March 7, 2013

Here are some of the latest health and medical news developments, compiled by the editors of HealthDay:
Procedure Lowers 'Hunger Hormone' to Help Obese Lose Weight

The first five patients to try a new, minimally invasive weight-loss procedure dropped an average of more than 45 pounds in six months, researchers report.



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