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Health News

Health News for 04/23/12

April 23, 2012

Health Tip: Recognize Common Symptoms of Menopause

Menopause -- the point at which a woman's menstrual cycle stops for good -- usually occurs when the ovaries stop producing the hormones estrogen and progesterone.
Health Tip: Overcoming Obstacles to Exercise

Life's problems often get in the way of your best intentions when it comes to exercise.
Cyberbullying May Call for New Prevention Tactics

Cyberbullying is different than traditional bullying, and anti-bullying programs need to use specific measures to combat online aggression, a new Canadian study says.
Wife's Breast Cancer Can Hurt Husband's Health Too: Study

The stress of caring for a wife with breast cancer can harm a man's health, and this effect can continue for years after her treatment ends, new research says.
Cost of Snakebite Therapy May Squeeze Victims' Wallets

It goes without saying that bites from venomous snakes can be painful and dangerous, but they can also be very expensive, an expert warns.
Hispanics Seem to Have Better Odds of Lung Cancer Survival

Hispanic people with lung cancer tend to live longer than white or black people with the disease, according to a new study.
Shingles Vaccine Safe, Underutilized, Study Says

The shingles vaccine is generally safe and well tolerated by patients, according to a new study.
Stricter Seat Belt Laws Get Teens to Buckle Up, Study Shows

Teen drivers and passengers are more likely to use seat belts if they're in states with primary-enforcement seat belt laws, often promoted as "click it or ticket" laws, a new study finds.
'Publication Bias' Casts Doubt on Value of Antidepressants for Autism

Studies that show a type of antidepressant eases autism symptoms are more likely to get published in medical journals than studies concluding the drugs don't improve common behaviors such as rocking and hand-flapping, new research says.
Wartime Killing May Raise Veterans' Thoughts of Suicide

The experience of killing in war is strongly linked with suicidal thoughts, according to a study of U.S. veterans of the Vietnam War.
Migraine Guidelines: What Works, What Doesn't

Dozens of medications are available to prevent debilitating migraine headaches, but most migraine sufferers don't use them, a new study finds.
'Ice Cream Headaches' Might Offer Clues to Migraines

That "brain freeze" headache you experience when eating ice cream or other cold foods may be caused by a sudden change in brain blood flow, researchers report.
U.S. Gives Green Light to Publish Controversial Bird Flu Research

The U.S. government is giving the go-ahead for publication of two controversial studies into the H5N1 avian (bird) flu virus, a top federal health official announced Friday.
Health Highlights: April 23, 2012

Here are some of the latest health and medical news developments, compiled by the editors of HealthDay:
Thyroid Condition Linked to Heart Problems: Study

New evidence suggests that a type of overactive thyroid condition appears to boost the risk of heart problems, especially atrial fibrillation (a form of irregular heartbeat) and premature death.
Strength Training May Give Boost to Seniors' Brains

Elderly women noticing the first signs of memory decline might ward off full-blown dementia by engaging in routine strength training, new research suggests.
Can Heavy Metal in Foods, Cosmetics Spur Breast Cancer Spread?

Prolonged exposure to low levels of the heavy metal cadmium may fuel the growth of some breast cancer cells and encourage them to spread, preliminary research indicates.
Measles Deaths Falling Worldwide

Deaths from measles fell 74 percent worldwide between 2000 and 2010, but progress is still short of the World Health Organization's target, health officials reported Monday.



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