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Health News for 03/20/12

March 20, 2012

Corner Stores Stock Healthier Foods After Aid Program Changes

Small stores in two low-income areas of North Philadelphia began stocking healthier foods after changes to a popular U.S. government food-aid program, a new study finds.
Health Tip: Manage the Pain of a Neck Sprain

A sprain in the ligaments of the neck can lead to symptoms including spasms, headache, stiffness and numbness in the arm or hand.
Health Tip: Am I at Risk for Gum Disease?

Periodontal disease, sometimes called gum disease, attacks and damages tissue called the sulcus that sits just below the gum line.
Some People More Prone to Drinking Blackouts: Study

Some people are more likely than others to have alcohol-related blackouts due to differences in the way alcohol affects their brain, according to a new study.
Many Americans Ambivalent Over Laws Aimed at Healthy Living

With a recent flood of new regulations or proposals aimed at governing lifestyle choices such as smoking, eating or cellphone use, is the United States in danger of becoming a "nanny state"?
Ibuprofen May Ward Off Altitude Sickness

The anti-inflammatory and painkiller ibuprofen seems to reduce the risk of altitude sickness, according to a new study.
Insects Behind Chagas Disease Are Feeding on Humans in the U.S.

Insects that are part of a family of bugs that transmit Chagas disease are well-established and feeding on human blood in certain regions of the United States, a new study finds.
Infants' Faces Trigger Caregiving Impulse in Adults' Brains

Seeing a baby's face triggers a response in areas of adults' brains involved with emotion, reward and planning movement, a finding researchers say may indicate a natural inclination to take care of an infant.
Northeast U.S. Should Brace for Spike in Lyme Disease: Expert

The northeastern United States may see a significant increase in cases of Lyme disease this spring, an expert warns.
Less Heart Disease Among Women in Wealthier States: Study

A state's level of wealth affects women's heart disease risk, a new study says.
Vitamin E Supplements Don't Affect Heart Failure Risk: Study

Vitamin E supplements don't appear to affect a healthy woman's overall risk of heart failure one way or the other, researchers report.
Adrenaline Therapy for Cardiac Arrest Linked to Worse Outcomes

The decades-old practice of treating cardiac arrest patients with epinephrine -- adrenaline -- might do more harm than good in the long run, suggests a new analysis of hundreds of thousands of cases.
Stem Cell Therapy Could Boost Kidney Transplant Success: Study

A novel technique that uses a kidney transplant recipient's own stem cells may someday replace or reduce the initial use of anti-rejection medications, new research suggests.
Health Highlights: March 20, 2012

Here are some of the latest health and medical news developments, compiled by the editors of HealthDay:
Blood Pressure Variance Between Arms Points to Heart Risk

Calculating the difference in blood pressure readings taken from the left and right arms might help predict a patient's odds of dying from heart disease, a new study suggests.
Study Suggests Mental 'Fog' of Menopause Is Real

The memory blips and distractible moments that women say they experience during menopause may be as real as the hot flashes and poor sleep, a new study suggests.
More Evidence Shows That Daily Aspirin Might Combat Cancer

Aspirin, a popular weapon in the war against heart attacks, may also play a role in cancer prevention and treatment, three new British studies suggest.
Physician Misconduct Showing Up on the Internet: Survey

Some doctors are sliding down a slippery slope in their online lives, committing professional violations, whether intentional or not, and risking their careers, a new survey suggests.



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