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Health News

Health News for 03/06/12

March 06, 2012

Health Tip: Choosing the Right Athletic Shoes

Wearing the proper athletic shoes for your sport or exercise can help protect you against discomfort and injury.
Health Tip: Lower Your Risk for Osteoporosis

Some risk factors for osteoporosis you can't control -- such as your age, heritage and family history of the brittle bones condition.
High Heels Can Bring on Ingrown Toenails

High heels and other snug-fitting or pointed shoes are a leading cause of ingrown toenails, according to podiatrists.
Hospitalizations Up for Severe Skin Swelling

Hospitalizations from angioedema, a serious swelling of the deep layers of the skin often around the eyes and mouth, are on the rise, new research finds.
Computerization May Not Curb Medical Tests, Costs

Doctors are more likely to order imaging and other diagnostic lab tests for their patients if they have computer access to the test results, according to a new study.
Amish Farm Kids Have Lower Asthma, Allergy Risk: Study

Children growing up in the Amish culture in Switzerland have significantly less asthma and allergies than Swiss children who didn't grow up on a farm, according to new research.
Wine Ratings May Be Meaningless for Most People

When it comes to wine, a new study suggests that the ratings and reviews of experts may be lost on many consumers.
Poor Sleep May Impact Stress Response in Older Adults

When faced with stressful situations, older adults who sleep poorly showed increased levels of a marker associated with inflammation, a new study finds.
Lack of Vitamin D May Harm Older Women's Health

Vitamin D deficiency is common among women in nursing homes and is associated with an increased risk of death, a new study finds.
Ban on Public Smoking Linked to Fewer Preterm Deliveries

A smoking ban in Scotland is associated with decreases in preterm deliveries and underweight babies, a new study finds.
When Drugs Fail, Surgery May Get Epilepsy Under Control

Uncontrollable temporal lobe epilepsy affected almost every major aspect of John Keener's life.
Genetic Tweak Helps Mice Avoid Cancer, Obesity: Study

New research offers potential insight into the connection between cancer, obesity and longevity in humans by showing that genetically modified mice live longer, skinnier and almost cancer-free lives.
Health Highlights: March 6, 2012

Here are some of the latest health and medical news developments, compiled by the editors of HealthDay:
Brain Scans Overused on U.S. Stroke Patients, Study Says

Most stroke patients undergo both CT and MRI brain scans, an unnecessary duplication that contributes to the rising costs of stroke care in the United States, a new study indicates.
Narcotic Painkillers Another Threat to Traumatized War Vets: Study

Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans who have psychiatric disorders, especially post-traumatic stress disorder, are more likely than mentally healthy vets to use prescription narcotic painkillers, a new study finds.
Estrogen-Only Therapy May Reduce Breast Cancer Risk

Some women who take estrogen-only hormone replacement therapy to stave off hot flashes, night sweats and other symptoms of menopause may be at lower risk for developing breast cancer down the road, a news study says.



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