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Health News for 02/23/12

February 23, 2012

Health Tip: Is Your Blood Pressure Too Low?

While high blood pressure is the more common medical issue, people can also have low blood pressure, medically called hypotension.
Health Tip: Exercising During Pregnancy

Exercise is a great way to manage the aches and pains of pregnancy, and help prepare your body for the birth of your child.
Study Supports CT-Based 'Virtual' Colonoscopy to Spot Colon Cancer

Noninvasive, CT-guided "virtual" colonoscopy is similar to standard colonoscopy in its ability to detect colorectal cancer and precancerous polyps in people 65 and older, a new study finds.
Mild Winter Heralds Early Sneezin' Season

That constant sneezing you thought was a winter cold might just be the beginning of your spring allergies instead.
Home-Visit Program May Improve Child's Asthma

A home-visit program for children with asthma reduced hospitalizations and emergency department visits, improved patient outcomes and saved $1.46 for every dollar spent, according to a new study.
Second-Chance Romance Might Not Bring Happiness

Contrary to fairy tale-like depictions in movies and books, reuniting with a former romantic partner is unlikely to make you happy, a new study shows.
Meds for Autism Not Well Understood: Study

Children with autism may benefit from medications to treat children with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and other related disorders, but clearer guidelines are needed, a new study shows.
Certain Antipsychotics Up Risk of Death for Patients With Dementia: Study

THURSDAY, Feb. 23 (HealthDay News) Compared to other antipsychotic drugs, haloperidol (Haldol) raises the risk of death in elderly patients with dementia, a new study finds.
Earliest Known Horse Shrank Due to Warming Planet: Report

Rising global temperatures appear to have caused the earliest known horse to shrink in size, new research indicates.
Blood Test Detects Down Syndrome During Pregnancy

A second company reports that it has developed a prenatal blood test to detect Down syndrome, potentially providing yet another option for pregnant women who want to know whether their unborn child has the condition.
Citrus Fruits May Lower Women's Stroke Risk

Eating oranges and other citrus fruits may help reduce stroke risk, new research suggests.
More Kidney Dialysis Is Better, Research Finds

If you're receiving kidney dialysis, four new studies suggest that you could benefit from longer or more frequent dialysis sessions.
'Bird' Flu May Be More Common in Humans, But Less Deadly

The avian flu, which killed almost 60 percent of those known to be infected, actually struck many more people worldwide but didn't make them very sick, a new analysis finds.
Health Highlights: Feb. 23, 2012

Here are some of the latest health and medical news developments, compiled by the editors of HealthDay:
Study Links 'Body Clock' to Sudden Cardiac Death

The first molecular evidence linking circadian rhythms -- the "body clock" -- to sudden cardiac death could lead to new methods of diagnosis and therapy to treat or prevent the fatal heart problem, a new study suggests.
Chemical Used to Strip Bathtubs Linked to Worker Deaths: CDC

A chemical used to strip bathtubs has been associated with more than a dozen deaths of people working as bathtub refinishers in the United States in the last 12 years, according to a new report.
Flu Season Off to a Very Late Start: CDC

It took a long time to get started, but this winter's flu season is finally here, say experts at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
Southerners Sleepiest, U.S. 'Sleep Map' Shows

Where you live in the United States may influence how well you sleep, researchers report.
Contraceptives Work Well in Obese Women, But Hormone Levels Lower

Hormonal contraceptives appear to thwart pregnancy just as well in overweight and obese women as those of normal weight despite markedly lower pregnancy-prevention hormone levels among heavier females, a group of reproductive experts said.



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