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Health News for 07/22/11

July 22, 2011

Health Tip: Should I Check My Blood Sugar?

While anyone with diabetes is encouraged to check their blood sugar (glucose), frequent checks are more of a necessity for some people.
Health Tip: Common Signs of Stuttering

Stuttering is characterized by the repetition or elongation of sounds, syllables or words. Causes are usually physical, and rarely related to emotional trauma.
Smartphones May Be Taxing Your Eyes

People reading text messages or browsing the Internet on their smartphones tend to hold the devices closer than they would a book or newspaper, forcing their eyes to work harder than usual, new research shows.
U.S. Culture Linked to Greater Sunscreen Use Among Latinos

As melanoma rates have jumped nearly 29 percent among U.S. Latinos since 1992, their adoption of American cultural beliefs is associated with more sunscreen use, but not sun-protective clothing, new research finds.
Low 'Health Literacy' Hazardous to Your Health

If you have low "health literacy," defined as having difficulty understanding medical information, your health may be at risk.
Publicly Insured Kids May Get Less Comprehensive Care

A new study finds that U.S. children with publicly funded insurance get less comprehensive primary care than those who are privately insured.
Medieval Armor Drained Soldier's Energy, Study Finds

Heavy body armor worn in medieval times may have made soldiers feel safe, but it also forced them to expend twice as much energy as usual, according to a new study.
There's a Little Neanderthal in Most of Us

Genetic research from Canadian scientists confirms early modern humans interbred with Neanderthals.
U.S. Minorities No Strangers to Health Ills

Though minorities in the United States face an array of challenges, chief among them may be personal health and well-being.
One Hospital's Efforts to Hurdle the Language Barrier

Rebecca Reyes's job at Duke University Hospital is to help fill in the cracks in the system that's intended to make sure everyone gets good medical care.
Breast-feeding for 6 Months or More Protects Against Asthma

Babies who are exclusively breast-fed for six months or more are less likely to develop symptoms of asthma in early childhood, new research suggests.
Dolphins' Superior Ability to Heal May Help Humans

The ability of dolphins to resist infection and heal quickly from shark bites could offer new insight into the treatment of human wounds, a researcher suggests.
Ancient Footprints Reveal Earliest Signs of Human-Like Gait

Ancient footprints of a human ancestor found in Tanzania show human-like walking began 3.7 million years ago, according to new research.
Extreme Heat Calls for Smarter Workouts

With temperatures soaring across much of the United States, people should use caution when engaging in aerobic activity outdoors or in facilities without air conditioning, the American Council on Exercise warns.
Teens Face Own Battles When Parent Goes to War

Teenage boys who have a parent serving in the military are more likely than civilians' children to binge drink, use drugs and perform poorly in school, a new study suggests.
Children Fare OK if Mom Works, Study Finds

Mothers who bring home the bacon are not inflicting any significant social or emotional damage on their young children, new British research says.
Tarceva Battles Lung Cancer in Some

New research finds that the targeted cancer drug Tarceva nearly triples the amount of time lung cancer patients survive without a recurrence and has fewer side effects than standard chemotherapy.
Health Highlights: July 22, 2011

Here are some of the latest health and medical news developments, compiled by the editors of HealthDay:



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