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Health News for 07/18/11

July 18, 2011

Health Tip: Stay Safe and Healthy During Travels

When you're on a trip, don't forget to pay attention to your health and protect yourself from illness or injury.
Health Tip: Keep Kids' Lunches Cool

Kids need a healthy lunch to take to school or day camp, but parents must also be wary of food safety concerns when packing lunches.
Self-Esteem Levels Vary by Age, Race, Study Finds

Although Hispanics tend to have lower self-esteem than blacks or whites in the teen years, by age 30 their self-esteem has increased to the point that they have higher self-esteem than whites, a new study suggests.
Falls Could Signal Early Alzheimer's Disease

Compared with older people with no signs of Alzheimer's, those whose brains show early signs of the disease are twice as likely to experience a fall, researchers have found.
Women Bear Greatest Burden of Alzheimer's

Women fear Alzheimer's disease more than any other illness except cancer, and they are more often on the front lines of providing care for loved ones battling the disease, new research shows.
Kids Fare Better in Crashes When Grandparents Driving: Study

Some parents may hesitate to let their children ride in a car driven by grandparents because they believe the grandparent's driving skills may not be what they once were.
Ex-NFL Players May Face Higher Brain Damage Risk, Study Says

Retired pro football players may face a higher risk of mild cognitive impairment, a potential precursor of Alzheimer's disease, a new study suggests.
More Evidence That Early Treatment Can Stop HIV's Spread to Partners

Researchers on Monday released yet more evidence that early treatment of HIV in an infected heterosexual can protect his or her partner from becoming infected.
Secondhand Smoke Linked to Hearing Loss in Teens

Exposure to secondhand smoke could affect hearing development in children and increase their risk of hearing loss during adolescence, a new study indicates.
Human Stem Cells Used to Fix Damaged Mouse Heart

Genetically engineered human cardiac stem cells helped repair damaged heart tissue in mice, according to a new study.
Sharing Bed With Toddler Won't Harm Development: Study

Allowing your toddler to share your bed does not lead to behavioral or learning problems down the road, new research suggests.
Specialists More Likely to Spot Deadly Skin Cancer

Melanoma, the most dangerous type of skin cancer, can be found by patients themselves, but new research reveals that self-detection is not as effective as screenings performed by doctors.
Drugs Can Bring HIV-Infected Africans Normal Life Spans

Since their advent in the mid-1990s, powerful antiretroviral therapies have radically improved the life expectancy of HIV-infected patients in the developed world.
Small Study Suggests Milk, Soy Proteins Lower Blood Pressure Modestly

Supplements of milk and soy protein lowered blood pressure modestly among hypertensive patients, a small, new study found.
Health Highlights: July 18, 2011

Here are some of the latest health and medical news developments, compiled by the editors of HealthDay:
Statins Don't Seem to Raise Cancer Risk

A large, new study appears to quell concerns that taking statins might raise the risk of cancer.
FDA Unveils Flu Vaccines for 2011-12 Season

Influenza may be far from most Americans' thoughts as much of the nation wilts under oppressive heat, but the U.S. Food and Drug Administration said Monday that it's already preparing for the 2011-12 flu season.
Flu Vaccine for 2011-12 Season Approved

The 2011-12 influenza vaccine, containing the three strains predicted most common in the upcoming season, has been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.
Controversial Cholesterol Drug Might Lower Blood Sugar Levels in Diabetics

Australian researchers have discovered that a drug initially designed to raise levels of "good" HDL cholesterol has an unexpected benefit in people with type 2 diabetes: it lowered their blood sugar.



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