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Health News for 06/24/11

June 24, 2011

Exhausting Surf Rescues Don't Affect Lifeguards' CPR Skills

An exhausting emergency rescue of someone in surf far from shore doesn't affect a lifeguard's ability to carry out lifesaving CPR, according to a new study.
Health Tip: Coping With Low Blood Pressure

High blood pressure gets all of the attention, but very low blood pressure can be just as dangerous, experts say.
Health Tip: Sunburn Usually Damages Skin

While there's no such thing as a safe sunburn or tan, some cases can damage the skin permanently.
Study Finds 'Inconsistent' Care for Pregnant Women With Depression

Pregnant women with depression receive inconsistent treatment and, as a result, may spend more time in the hospital before their babies are born, a new study finds.
Athletes May Benefit From Shorter, Less Intense Warm-Ups

Most athletes will attest to the importance of warming up before a competition, but warm-ups that are too rigorous can hurt an athlete's performance, a new study indicates.
Extreme Dieting Often Lasts From Early Teens to Adulthood

Dieting and disordered eating that begin in adolescence often continue into young adulthood, a new study finds.
Even One Glass of Beer, Wine Boosts Car Crash Risk: Study

Drinking even a single glass of beer or wine can raise blood-alcohol concentrations enough to increase the chances of being seriously injured or dying in a crash for those who choose to get behind the wheel, a new study suggests.
Drug Use May Play Role in 25% of Driver Deaths, Study Finds

Among U.S. drivers who died in a car crash, about one in four tested positive for drugs, a new study has found.
More Autism Diagnoses in High-Tech Areas, Study Finds

Autism experts have long noted that they meet a lot of engineers and computer programmers who have autistic children compared to, say, salespeople. A new study suggests there may be merit to those observations.
Stress May Worsen Lung Function in Kids Breathing Dirty Air

Children who live in stress-filled homes experience more air pollution-related lung damage than kids in less stressful environments, a new study finds.
Weight Loss Surgery May Cut Inflammation, Disease Risk

The health benefits of gastric bypass surgery may go beyond helping people lose weight, new research suggests.
'Sexting' Common for Those Who Cheat: Study

A new study finds that the practice of "sexting" -- sending salacious texts or nude photos over the Internet -- is now a key tool for Americans bent on infidelity.
Lifestyle Changes Might Alter Breast Cancer Rates

Lifestyle changes such as losing weight, drinking less alcohol and getting more exercise could lead to a substantial reduction in breast cancer cases across an entire population, according to a new model that estimates the impact of these modifiable risk factors.
Snacking Totals a Quarter of Daily Calories for Many

Snacking accounts for 25 percent of the calories consumed by Americans each day and beverages account for half of those snacking calories, a new study indicates.
Health Highlights: June 24, 2011

Here are some of the latest health and medical news developments, compiled by the editors of HealthDay:
FDA Urges Reduced Doses for Anemia Drugs

Doctors should use the anemia drugs Procrit, Epogen and Aranesp more cautiously in patients with chronic kidney disease, U.S. health officials said Friday.



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