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Health News for 03/03/11

March 03, 2011

Health Tip: Avoid Poison Ivy

Most people are allergic to poison ivy, a three-leafed plant found in most areas of the United States. It harbors an oil that bonds to any skin that the oil touches, causing a red, itchy rash.
Health Tip: Help Prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome occurs from repetitive use of the wrists, including activities such as typing on a computer keyboard.
Scary Events Might Also Activate Brain's Reward Center

The brain's so-called reward center actually responds to both good and bad experiences, even experiences causing fear, finds a new study in mice.
Research Uncovers Clue to SIDS

A new Australian study finds that babies who sleep on their stomachs -- a position thought to pose a risk for SIDS -- have lower levels of oxygen in their brains than those who sleep on their backs.
Severe Bunions Take Toll on Quality of Life

Bunions, a common but painful deformity of the foot, are more likely to develop in older people and women, a new study has found.
Computer Vision Syndrome: Fact or Fiction?

Staring into the enticing glow of your computer hour after hour may well have its benefits, but a downside to all that screen time can include dry, tired eyes, blurred vision, fatigue and headaches.
New Chemo Drug May Benefit Some Breast Cancer Patients

The new chemotherapy drug eribulin extends the lives of metastatic breast cancer patients who have received extensive treatment, according to a new study.
Kidney Transplant Patients Urged to Keep Fit to Survive

Exercise may help kidney transplant patients live longer, according to a new study.
Study Finds Third of Cancer Patients on Opioids Are Confused

About a third of cancer patients taking opioid painkillers experience cognitive problems such as confusion, disorientation and forgetfulness, a new study finds.
Stigma Often Adds to Burden of Obesity

Obese people are already at risk for a range of health issues, but their problems can be made worse if they feel they are being discriminated against because of their weight, researchers say.
Particular Brain Rhythm in Sleep Makes You More Vulnerable to Disturbances

New findings about brain rhythms could lead to the development of improved sleep treatments, a new study suggests.
Chimps, Too, May Use Laughter for Social Gain

Just like humans, chimpanzees mimic the laughter of others in order to strengthen social bonds, say researchers who studied 59 chimpanzees living in four groups in a sanctuary in Zambia.
More Young People Delay Sex, Try Oral Sex First, CDC Says

More young people are waiting to have sex, and more women than men are engaging in same-sex encounters, according to a new report detailing Americans' evolving sexual behaviors and preferences.
Tissue Analysis May Help Predict Breast Cancer Outcome

An analysis of breast tissue may help doctors better predict outcomes for women with breast cancer, a new study reports.
Health Highlights: March 3, 2011

Here are some of the latest health and medical news developments, compiled by the editors of HealthDay:
White Patients Most Likely to Get Kidney Transplants: Study

Minorities have a significantly lower chance of getting a kidney transplant than whites do, claims a new study that calls for changes in the formula used to decide who gets which donated organs.
Clinical Trials Update: March 3, 2011

Here are the latest clinical trials, courtesy of
1 in 3 Americans Gets Less Than 7 Hours of Sleep: CDC

More than one-third of Americans routinely sleep fewer than seven hours a night, which affects their concentration and general health, new government research shows.



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