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Health News

Health News for 11/10/10

November 10, 2010

Fracture Risk Seen With Hormone Therapy for Prostate Cancer

Long-term use of androgen deprivation therapy to treat prostate cancer may increase older patients' risk of broken bones, according to a new study.
Health Tip: Signs That You Have a Torn Rotator Cuff

The rotator cuff is a group of tendons and muscles that surround the shoulder.
Health Tip: Help Prevent Foodborne Illness

The way you shop for groceries can affect your risk of contracting a foodborne illness.
Childhood Abuse Linked to Diabetes Risk in Adult Women

Women who were victims of childhood abuse may be at increased risk of developing diabetes in adulthood, new findings suggest.
Common Eye Condition Linked to Elevated Eye Pressure

A eye condition called corneal arcus may be associated with elevated eye pressure, which in turn is a risk factor for glaucoma, a new study suggests.
Few Young Women Getting Cervical Cancer Vaccine

Few teenage girls and young women are getting the human papillomavirus vaccine (HPV), and many of those who start the regimen fail to take all three doses, new research reveals.
Positive Attitude, Planning May Help Women Through Menopause

A positive attitude and a little preparation can help women deal with menopause, according to an expert.
Activity Level Seems to Decline Throughout College Years

U.S. college students become less physically active and gain weight as they move through their academic career, a new study has found.
Source of an Itch Studied in Mice

In a study of nerve cells in mice, researchers have found a link between itching and burn-related pain.
New Tool for Rapid Screening of Dementia Shows Promise

In an effort to improve screening for dementia and mild cognitive impairment among seniors, a team of researchers has developed a test designed to spot problems in thinking, learning and memory skills in under three minutes.
Women Who Drink Sugary Beverages Raise Risk of Gout

Women who drink fructose-rich beverages such as sugar-sweetened sodas and orange juice are at increased risk for gout, a new study finds.
Long-Term Statin Use Won't Raise Cancer Risk: Study

Long term use of cholesterol-lowering drugs called statins does not increase the risk of cancer and may even decrease users' risks for lymphoma, melanoma and endometrial tumors, a new study finds.
Health Highlights: Nov. 10, 2010

Here are some of the latest health and medical news developments, compiled by the editors of HealthDay:
Whites, Blacks More Likely to Develop Lung Cancer: Study

Whites and blacks in the United States are much more likely to develop lung cancer than other racial/ethnic groups, a new federal study finds.
Clinical Trials Update: Nov. 10, 2010

Here are the latest clinical trials, courtesy of
FDA Proposes Graphic Warnings on Cigarette Packs

A series of gruesome pictures depicting emaciated lung cancer patients, a dead body in a morgue, a baby confined to a respirator (presumably the result of secondhand smoke) and other consequences of smoking that will appear on the outside of cigarette packages will hopefully shock people into quitting the habit or not starting in the first place, U.S. officials announced Wednesday.
Could a Prostate Cancer Treatment Raise Colon Cancer Risk?

Men taking hormone therapy for prostate cancer may have a slightly increased risk of developing colorectal cancer, a new study suggests.
Gene Mutations Seem to Make a Leukemia More Deadly

Researchers have pinpointed a gene with multiple mutations that seems to separate people who die quickly from acute myeloid leukemia (AML) from those who do not.
ADHD Rates Soar in U.S. Kids: Study

The number of U.S. children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) jumped nearly 22 percent in a recent four-year period, meaning nearly one in every 10 kids is now diagnosed with the disorder, U.S. health officials report.
Special Infant Formula Might Help Shield Babies from Type 1 Diabetes

Offering your baby a special formula when weaning off breastfeeding may offer some protection against the development of the antibodies associated with type 1 diabetes, if you have a family history of the disease, new research suggests.
Hospital Checklists Reduce Surgical Complications, Deaths: Study

Hospitals that used checklists to prevent errors involving surgical patients dramatically reduced both complications and in-hospital deaths, a new study finds.



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