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Bonnie Altier

Bonnie Altier, Medical Imaging


Simply Well -- Bonnie Altier - before small         Simply Well - Bonnie Altier after small

 Bonnie Before             Bonnie After
 2004                               2009... & today

Bonnie's Story
"Over the years, I put on weight gradually during and after the birth of my two daughters. As I continued to gain, I lost my self-esteem and energy, but it wasn't until I saw a photo of myself (the "before" you see here) that I really realized just how overweight I'd become. I decided then and there to lose and get fit. I joined Weight Watchers at Crouse Hospital about nine years ago. I followed the plan and started to exercise. It wasn't easy and the pounds didn't come off fast...but with a lot of determination and support, I lost 60 pounds...and have kept it off all this time. I eat so much healthier now (I go to the Regional Market every Saturday to stock up on fresh local produce)...exercise everyday (areobic exercise daily and weight resistance machines three times a week)...and I have a huge container of ice water on my desk at work at all times. I'm not perfect... I have candy and junk food now and then. But I pick myself right up and get back on track fast. One of the reasons why is because I never considered my journey one of "dieting," but more of a series of lifestyle changes that I embraced along the way. I now love myself and my energy level is great, which helps me keep up with my teenage daughters. And one more tool for my long-term success: I keep my "before" photo in my desk drawer and look at it daily to remind myself of just how successful I've been at keeping the weight off. I love my "after" photo and my healthier lifestyle!"

Bonnie's Advice
If you need to lose weight, don't think of it as having to "diet." Think about making better food choices that will help you feel good and making lifestyle changes (talking a walking instead of lying on the couch watching television and eating). Find someone you can talk to about your ups and downs. Take it one step at a time... enjoy the small victories, because they will add up to big success. And participate in the Simple Steps to Wellness Challenge March 31-July 31. You'll be surprised how far a number of "simple steps" will take you! YOU CAN DO IT!


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