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April Dean

Crouse Patient Story 2“Please go to a doctor or visit a clinic and have your sugar tested. I don’t want anyone to go through what I’ve experienced, especially when it can be prevented.”

Name: April Dean, Baldwinsville, NY
Her Crouse Story: Living with Diabetes  

April Dean

See a doctor. This bit of advice is what April Dean now wishes she’d given herself. Hindsight, they say, is 20/20. And while April’s been slowly losing her sight, she’s clear about one thing: wanting to share her story so others may benefit.

It all started one morning in October 2008. April awoke seeing “floaters” in her eyes. She was concerned, but went to her job at National Grid. The next day, April’s vision still wasn’t quite right, but she again drove herself to work. By the time she sat down at her desk, the computer screen was a blur. A trip to the emergency room and follow-up visits with various physicians signaled a new chapter in April’s life: retirement at age 53 and learning how to live legally blind — and with diabetes.

Coping with the effects of diabetes can be overwhelming. That’s why going through Crouse Hospital’s Diabetes Wellness Program  can be the best first step after being diagnosed. April was referred to the program by her physician.

Certified Diabetes Educator Susan Rioux, MS, RN, oversees the comprehensive program that begins with individual, one-on-one counseling and education about monitoring blood sugar, reducing stress, modifying lifestyle and meal planning by a registered dietitian.

Although diabetes can be managed through lifestyle changes, it can mean acute complications for those who aren’t screened early or don’t take their condition seriously.

“If you already have diabetes, go through Crouse’s program,” advises April. “They played a big part in helping me learn to live a more healthy lifestyle.”

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